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3 New Beats Open for Writing – Talent Search Update

We recommend you copyright your music before sending it out to anyone, but when you write to our music its NOT mandatory as we will be copyrighting the songs before they are released to protect everyone. If you need instructions on how to copyright your work, it is best to conult a professional copyright expert.

3 new beat have been released as open for writing for artists to participate in the Talent Search.


1 – LYRICS:  You must create original lyrics, no cover songs or copying from other people’s songs.  No need to write a whole song, one verse and one Chorus is enough. You can also just write one verse or just a hook by itself. We are open to combining more than one Artist on each song.

2 – HOW SHOULD WE RECORD?: We suggest you record a video with your cell phone. This will be free for you. No need for a professional studio. Those songs/artists we feel have strong potential we will contact to arrange for Professional Studio Recording (Even if your in a far away country, we will find a solution) You can find the official instrumentals at

3 – HOW TO SUBMIT: Include A short paragraph about you and your music career. Keep it short (Don’t knock yourself out here) Make sure to include a link to your instagram or facebook. Song ideas MUST be submitted through our new Facebook Group called “Beats Planet Music“. NOT EMAIL OR COMMENTS!
You may also send it to us through Facebook PM or Instagram DM if you prefer but it will take us much longer to review your music as those inboxes are always very very FULL.

4 – DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Deadlines will be different for each instrumental. In general there will a 30 day period for submission. Each new instrumental published will have the exact deadline date. Remember to check for the beats.

5 – STYLE OF ARTIST: We welcome all styles of vocals, doesn’t matter if you sing Country, Reggae/Dancehall or street rap. Even though our target is to make Top International Hits, there’s always the possibility of combining artists on one Record. Example: Pop Singing Hook, with one rap verse and one Dancehall (Sean Paul Style) Verse etc.

6 – 2nd FACEBOOK GROUP: We’ve also created a 2nd Facebook group called “Beats Planet Promo” which is where you can all post your songs using other producers music (Not DJ Naydee’s).. This community will help artists connect with one another and give each other feedback.

Tropical Reggaeton Beat Like Ozuna, Bad Bunny “Paradise”
Great for Pop/R&B and Reggaeton artists of all kinds.

Hypnotic Rap Beat Like Post Malone & Swae lee “Mesmerized”
Trap beat suitable for Both Rappers and Singers as its hard but still melodic/suitable for vocals.

Hard Trap Beat – Like Migos, Travis Scott “Blood Sport”
Suitable for hardcore rappers and Singers who enjoy street music.

DJ Naydee
Music Producer / Beats Planet CEO

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